Since washing a mattress is not always possible, this can result in the appearance of malodors. Therefore, we started looking for an optimal way of capturing bad odors. Deodorizing sprays are a possibility but these are mainly chemical-based. However, Zeo provides the textile with a natural means of capturing bad smells. Thanks to this treatment, our fabrics offer a longer-lasting freshness and comfort.
Zeo is a natural mineral that not only absorbs odors but also captures excess moisture in the air that can influence the scent of the mattress. Zeo minerals are formed over millions of years as volcanic ash that slowly crystallizes These crystals form a honeycomb that both attracts and traps moisture and gas molecules without releasing any other fragrance. Just a little fresh air and some sunlight release the contaminants and the zeolites are restored to their original conditions.

• High wash resistance
• Ensures long-lasting comfort and freshness
• Guaranteed breathability of the fabric

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