Our products

At Monks International NV we offer our customers superior products at competitive prices. We develop a wide selection of fabrics, designed to make an innovative statement in the global textile market. Our collection of fabrics is extremely extensive and includes therefore something for every taste.
Thanks to our weaving and knitting facilities we can offer our customers a wide range of fabrics for mattress upholstery. These woven and knitted fabrics are manufactured using the very best materials.
Besides the woven mattress fabrics we produce also woven fabrics for headboards and bed boxes. We create the perfect mix of style and great functionality to satisfy the even most demanding customers.
One of the major assets of Monks International NV are the various finishings produced in-house or sourced by other innovative companies. We continue developing new technologies to create a unique look and feel for our fabrics.

In 2018, our goal was to improve your night’s rest with the best quality. In 2019, our goal is to do even better, while also focusing on the ecological aspect. Let’s look back on a wonderful 2018 and raise our glass to a warm, cosy, and sustainable 2019.


New fabric collections

Prisma: colourful headboard fabrics

Upholstery-style fabrics for your bed. Bring colour to your bedroom with our vibrant border and headboard fabrics with an excellent colour fastness.


Sleep: sleep-inducing mattress fabrics

Meet us

Monks International NV is an innovative knitting and weaving mill dedicated to exploring the technologies and know-how of tomorrow. We dress the entire bed and give it a high added value. Every day we look after solutions and collaborate with our customers in order to write a success story within the global market of mattress, base and headboard fabrics.