Policy Statement Monks International

It is Monks International’s mission to be a leader in the mattress textile industry when it comes to quality and service. We want our customer to experience us as the most easy firm to buy from; as a company that is always working in an innovative and tailor-made way, with an environmentally friendly approach.

We want to and can acquire this asset by:

  • continuously listening to our customer and knowing exactly what his/her needs are.
  • constantly analysing the (customer’s) market and looking for the right product that can help the customer grow.
  • always remaining up to date about the newest developments that improve the sleeping comfort.
  • closely working together with our suppliers and having an incessant two-way communication. That helps both the supplier and us to keep improving.
  • choosing a horizontal organisation, which allows us to have a smooth and quick communication system.
  • using a strong cost control and preventing waste as much as possible.
  • thinking and planning flexibly.
  • staying focused on improving our competences.
  • maintaining our corporate and ecological social responsibility.
  • eliminating hazardous chemicals by 2020, as part of the ZDHC programme (Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals).
  • continuously decreasing the ecological impact of our products, in close collaboration with textile experts and chemicals suppliers.
  • constantly striving to lower our energy consumption, by means of the following actions.
    • When buying new machines, we take the energy consumption in account.
    • We use a monitor system to closely follow up on the energy consumption.
    • We educate our employees so they are able to act correctly when needed.
    • We signed the Energy Policy Statement and carry out every new energy saving measure (steam pressure reduction, usage of renewable energy, programmed shut-down lightening and heating, LEDs…).
    • We think about the future by investigating the use of solar energy, wind energy etc.
  • not using any C8 water and oil repellant chemistry.
  • making a thorough analysis of wastewater. We have two reasons for doing so:
    • To check whether any hazardous substances were used or formed during the production process.
    • To  monitor the operation of our wastewater treatment. We do this by means of the conventional parameters such as COD, BOD, pH…
  • introducing a Chemical Management System (CMS). This helps us to constantly strive for quality improvement and to meet the ZDHC goal by 2020.