monks international at telford bedshow 2018

Telford Bed Show 2018

Telford Bed Show 2018

When September comes around, we’re bringing the final touches to our collections for The Bed Show in Telford (UK). We’re extremely excited to show you what we’ve been working on for an entire year!

ZEO: bye-bye to bad odours

Mattresses are hard to keep clean. As they aren’t easily washable, we created a finishing for our fabrics that reacts to the smelly compounds in our sweat. Zeolites, which are also found in lava stones, are very porous and are thus able to attract those compounds. Inherently, the zeolites immediately generate a chemical reaction and break down the compounds into odourless ones. With ZEO, your mattress won’t need any laundering and will stay fresh throughout its entire lifetime.

Want to know more about ZEO? Click here to read more.

Prisma: a colourful bedroom that lasts

Bedroom furniture that keeps its bright colour for years and years to come? Thanks to the polyester/olefin blend in our brand new Prisma collection, your bed will remain as colourful as the day you bought it. In Telford, you can discover our wide colour range consisting of over 50 colours per design!

Want to know more about Prisma? Click here to read more.

Chemical-Free FR Fabrics

Ecology is a burning-hot topic. Not only is it good for our planet, it also benefits us humans and our bodies. With our chemical-free FR fabric, we created a mattress fabric that is inherently fire retardant, passes all required tests, and even reaches Crib 5.

The Bed Show

The most important bedding fair of the year is of course marked in red on our calendars. At The Bed Show, you will also be able to explore the new samples of our existing collections. See you there?

The Bed Show

18 - 19 September 2018

Telford International Centre
St Quentin Gate

Telford TF3 4JH (UK)

Location: E12