We spend one-quarter of our lives in bed. However, the importance of both sleep and ensuring a good sleeping environment only became relevant just a few years ago. Research results showed that this passive activity had a huge impact on the quality of our daily lives. People needed good sleeping conditions in order to relax the body and mind as effectively as possible.
Heat can take away a huge proportion of our precious sleep time. When it is too hot, even a slight drop in body temperature can induce sleep faster. And this is why we developed our Freeze technology. Thanks to the combination of heat absorption and heat distribution, your body will remain within the optimal comfort zone. This technology not only reduces the time needed to fall asleep but it also cuts down the number of times you wake up during the night. The freshness of our fabrics that are treated with Freeze guarantees people a longer and more comfortable sleep.

• Ensures improved sleep quality
• Creates an optimal sleep environment
• Innovative thermal management
• Long-lasting comfort and freshness

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