01/03/2018 Tine


What if we told you there's a mattress that never smells? And what if we told you we know exactly how to produce one? Our revolutionary ZEO finish helps you keep your mattress clean and refreshed at all times.


We all crave a comfy and fresh feeling when going to bed after a long day. Nonetheless, some factors like bad odours can cause troubles feeling relaxed during the night, as unpleasant smells are known to have a negative influence on your mind and body when you are asleep. Our innovative textile finish fights those odours and keeps your mattress refreshed. With ZEO, your sleep quality will improve significantly and your nights will feel much more relaxed.

ZEO offers a triple-action and nature-inspired solution that is completely non-biocidal. Thanks to its special formula, it is able to self-regenerate while performing equally strong every single time. The natural minerals in ZEO can also be found in lava stones. These minerals, called zeolites, adsorb molecules of bad fragrances and degrade them, changing the features of the smells completely. Because of those changes, the bad fragrances disappear and the adjusted components are released again, leaving your mattress ready to tackle a new night.