Prisma: a rainbow of colours in your bedroom

18/07/2018 Tine

Trying to make a colour statement in your bedroom? The unique multicolour yarns we used for Prisma will brighten up your room for sure. Their colours – there are more than 50! – don’t fade and the fabric was made with the lowest impact on the environment. Let us introduce you to the lovely, bright and soft Prisma collection.

Olefin: no dyeing and excellent light fastness

Olefin yarns are the first-rate option for furniture that’s meant to last for a very long time. Their fibres naturally have a colour of their own, which means that they don’t need to be dyed and have an excellent light fastness. Thanks to the inherent colour of our yarns, your bed or nightstand will stay as vibrant as the day you bought them. A feast for the eye and perfect for your peace of mind, isn’t it?

Multicolour yarns

Not only do the yarns keep their intensity over the years, they also consist of a unique blend that combines four different colours in one string of yarn. This multicolour effect creates a fascinating pattern and gives every inch of your furniture an almost lustrous look.

Another advantage of our yarns is the harmful substances we can leave behind when producing. As dyeing isn’t necessary anymore, we save both chemical products and water, but not having to grow our fibres naturally also saves us another great deal of water and chemicals. As a result, Prisma fabrics don’t have a negative impact on the environment and help us to become greener every day.

Fabrics in over 50 colours

Quinn is the first quality in the Prisma collection and is bound to be joined by many others. The six designs we created for 2018 come in no less than 55 colours and vary from totally plain to a lofty rib texture. Use Prisma to turn your bed into a statement piece using one of our bright colours, or go for a more neutral shade that still has a special look thanks to the blended yarns.

Ask your Monks sales contact for more information, or send us an email to learn more about the Prisma collection.