Colourful and bold: that must be an African mattress

21/05/2018 Tine
In an ever-globalising world, cultural diversity is something that enriches all of us every day. We talk
to people from other cultures on a night out, we work with people around the world on a daily basis,
and our food is inspired by many traditional kitchens. All those encounters help us to constantly
broaden our world view, and World Day for Cultural Diversity is something we love to celebrate. We
also think it’s a perfect opportunity to shed a light on our in-house design department. The four
members of our design team create designs meant for dozens of markets across the globe and have
to take into account several cultural differences. We’re taking you on a mattress fabric trip around
the world!
When thinking of Scandinavia, a sophisticated and qualitative image immediately springs to mind.
Scandinavian fashion, interior, food… it all implies a certain hint of quality and commitment. For their
mattresses, Scandinavian people tend to choose black, grey, and beige upholstery bed and
headboard fabrics, and plain knitted fabrics that easily combine with their basic bedroom.
United Kingdom
The United Kingdom is one of the biggest bedding countries in the world. English people are as proud
of their bed as they are of their house or car, so they love a nice design. As you might know, the UK
has a long tradition of classic patterns containing big flowers and swirls. For some years now,
however, the Brits prefer a modern touch in their mattress. Flowers get smaller, colours become less
bold and the design has a less bombastic look.
We guarantee you that you’ll be able to point out an African mattress fabric straight away every
single time. Unlike many markets, African mattresses are extremely colourful. A black background
combined with golden flowers and shiny green leaves is perfectly common and it instantly brightens
up a room. Because, unlike many Western countries, Africans sleep directly on their mattress and
don’t cover it up with a bedspread or blanket. On the African continent, designs are thus even more
The French love a frivolous design for their mattress. The more design you offer them, the more
they’ll be tempted to pick it for their bed. Apart from the lively designs, France is a typical Western
country that wants a mattress to be as simple in colour as possible. White and grey does it for the
‘Deutsche gründlichkeit’ is something you’ll definitely find in German mattress fabrics as well. As
Germans are very practical and sober, they love a good basic design in a neutral colour. You’re not
likely to find many frills in their bedroom, which is exactly as they like it.
How about your mattress? Do you go for rich designs containing all the colours of the rainbow or do
you prefer a basic colour with a simple design?