Monks International NV is specialized in the creation and production of woven and knitted fabrics. The company is located in Wielsbeke, Belgium and is completely vertically integrated with a yarn extrusion plant, a yarn and fabric dyehouse, a weaving mill, a knitting mill (started in 2005), a finishing plant and a specialized quality assurance laboratory. Today, MONKS INTERNATIONAL NV exports its woven and knitted fabrics to mattress manufacturers in more than 60 different countries.

Our company in a nutshell

MONKS  BROS.  started  its  activities  as  a  cotton  weaving  mill  in  1834  in  Pendlebury,  UK.  The  textile crisis at the beginning of the 20th century forced the owners to move the mill to Kortrijk, Belgium. In 1920 they started the production in their brand new Belgian factory.

After heavy bombing during WW II, only the mattress ticking weaving division was still standing. that’s why they decided to specialize in the weaving of mattress ticking.

In 1992, the new owner changed the original name into MONKS INTERNATIONAL NV. The production facility  moved  from  Kortrijk  to  Oostrozebeke.  The  new  mill  was  the  first  in  the  industry  to  be  fully equipped  with  air-jet  looms.  This  new  weaving  technology  made  MONKS  INTERNATIONAL  NV  the ticking mill with the fastest delivery time and partner response par excellence. This service proved to be very much appreciated and soon  the newly built mill turned out to be too small. Finally, in 2000 the factory has been moved to its current facility In Wielsbeke.

Our  fabrics  are  based  on  a  lot  of  knowledge  on  synthetic  filament  yarns  and  textile  applications. Oostrotex, our sister company, is specialized in the production of polypropylene yarns.

Within  the  polypropylene  multifilament  yarns,  they  produce  both continuous  filament  yarn  and  air textured yarns in a wide range of colors.

With  respect  to  the  special  yarns  we  work  in  close  cooperation  with  innovative  companies  that produce high-quality yarns.

Our fully robotized yarn dyehouse guarantees color consistency of all dyed yarns used in our weaving and knitting production.

Certain special effects cannot be achieved through yarn dyeing. In our fabric dyehouse we have the possibility to give our woven and knitted fabrics a very particular look, feel and characteristic.

Monks International NV not only dyes yarns and fabrics for own use. We are also supplying to other weaving and knitting mills. 

Monks International NV is the only supplier to the mattress industry with a 200 year expertise in the weaving of mattress ticking.

Our  jacquard  equipped  air-jet  looms  allow  us  to  incorporate  logos,  names  or  brands  into  a  design chosen from one of our 30.000 ticking designs on file or to be incorporated in a custom-made design.

Furthermore, we can offer a broad range of full width upholstery type woven fabrics to be used for upholstering the bed base and headboard.

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